Fifteen years after the horrific events on 9/11 and Islamic terrorism continues


A year ago, I launched the Kindle version of  Invasion 2020, followed by the paperback. Since that time, several more terrorist attacks have occurred. I could not have envisioned or anticipated the brutal barbarism as we have witnessed starting with the shocking Paris shooting in November at a concert. Thousands of refugees invaded Germany and savagely raped women in records numbers. Hitting close to home, the San Bernadino shooters left 14 people dead and more were injured in December. A dedicated police officer was shot in Philly by an ISIS-inspired radical in January, then in June, the senseless attack at a nightclub in Orlando, and scores of people died in July in Nice, France by Muslim madmen.

Americans, now more than ever know and understand the threat of Islam. We have to stay informed, fight political correctness that shields radical Islam and elect leaders that want to protect our country and who will stop or slow down immigration. If we don’t, terrorism will continue, possibly leading to another 9/11.

 Invasion 2020 is available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

For more information about Invasion 2020, visit:


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