Book Launch!


The ebook has launched! I look forward to hearing your input and rave reviews. My goal for the novel’s Amazon launch was on 9/11,  and it released on September 8, 2015! I’m expecting the paperback version out sometime in early 2016. I hope you enjoy the eye opening novel that’s not just entraining, but enlightening!  

2 thoughts on “Book Launch!

  1. Hi, I’m reading your novel just now. The first thing I have to say is that you have obviously done a lot of research. The second thing is, this is a book that needed to be written. So well done.

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    1. Thank you for your kind and positive words. The book is heavily researched to show that the premise isn’t a conspiracy theory, but a real agenda. I used real news stories to support the fact that political correctness waters down or hides a lot from our view. The print version of Invasion 2020 will release in early 2016, and then the book can be shared with a wider audience. I’m working on the second novel now as there’s so much more ahead for the characters and the US.

      Again, I so appreciate you kind words! Feel free to leave a review on the site where you purchased the book as well.

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