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Is America stronger, safer, since 9/11?

If evil isn’t confronted, it flourishes.

9-11 never forget

On 9/11/2001, our nation was attacked. I watched the TV in shock and horror, as many of us likely did that day, as the Twin Towers were destroyed. I recall seeing stumbling, bloody victims covered in dusty debris, and streaks on their cheeks made by tears. I saw policemen and firemen helping the injured and frightened. I remember seeing a newscaster duck down as one of the towers crashed to the ground behind him in the distance.

I also recall President Bush state, “Islam is peace,” a few days after the attacks. I knew something was terribly wrong. A lot of emotions stirred in me because of 9/11, as well as questions, I had a lot of them. That’s when my awakening began, and I came to learn about an enemy that was dangerous, evil and bent on conquest. Islam may not be what you have been led to believe it is. I have learned it is much, much worse than I initially thought. The more I read and learned, the more convinced I became Islam doesn’t just convert and subjugate people, it conquers nations.

Remember the slogan, “We will never forget,” but some have forgotten or choose not to think about that day. We can’t forget. We have to fight for our future and our children’s future. What will it hold for them if we don’t? By fighting, I mean confronting lies, speaking the truth and taking a stand, a stand for and on the principles and rights we have in which this country was founded on.

Freedom! We have freedom, Islam only offers bondage. Islam means submission, not peace. Islam is diametrically opposed to our system of government and Judeo-Christian beliefs and values. Islam is darkness and evil, it must be exposed and confronted with truth and light. If evil isn’t confronted, it flourishes. Fourteen hundred years of history shows how dangerous Islam  truly is.

On September 11, 2001, an “awakening,”  began according to al-Qaeda’s seven phases. Here’s the short list.

1. Awakening – 2000 to 2003

2. Opening Eyes – 2003 to 2006

3. Arising and Standing up – 2007 to 20210

4. Toppling Arab Governments – 2010 to 2013

5. Islamic State – 2013 to 2016

6. Total Confrontation – 2016 to 2020

7. Definitive Victory – 2020

ISIS declared a caliphate in June of 2014 fulfilling al-Qaeda’s phase number five. The first five out of the seven phases have happened on schedule. When you watch what has recently taken place in Europe, it appears the citizens are being confronted by Muslims. If the above plan continues, could we see war by 2020? Do you ever wonder what has created the mess that Europe sees itself in? Migration, or in reality, an invasion of refugees.

invasion men

I’ve spent years working on Invasion 2020. I felt led to write a story about a Muslim, who left Islam and found God. I expose Islam for what it is, countering what many people mistakenly believe and hope it to be. I have about 400 references to facts, articles, definitions and more. I also expose hidden agendas, reveal the documents behind their plans, terrorist training camps, one was even in my state. I show failures from the media and the current administration to state the truth, as well as illustrate the utter insanity of political correctness. More importantly, the novel points to the best solution some former Muslims have discovered.

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