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Jeanne Harrington


New Christian Suspense Novel Depicts World Gripped by Threat of Terrorism

Author paves a pathway of hope in an era of terror, chaos, and conflict.

Denver —January 19, 2016 — In the wake of the disastrous terrorist attack in Paris this November, and the recent attack in California, a new novel envisions a world where Muslim terrorists attempt to infiltrate the U.S. and wreak havoc.

Invasion 2020 is a work of contemporary Christian fiction by Jeanne Harrington. The print edition is scheduled for release February 1, 2016. The eBook edition is available now at, on iBooks, Nook and Kobo online stores.

Harrington’s novel envisions a world where there is a specific plan to transform America into an Islamic country by the year 2020. Her carefully researched novel weaves together Christian fiction, facts on Islamic terrorism, political intrigue, suspense and romance to tell the story of compelling characters who get caught in a web of media and government deception. Characters at the center of the story include an intrepid investigative reporter and photojournalist who battle political correctness, a rigid editor, a White House media representative who will silence anyone that doesn’t comply with his standards, a Muslim doctor from Gaza who dreams of America and leaves Islam for the God of the Bible and a naïve White House intern who discovers dangerous and powerful men have infiltrated the media office and the administration for the purpose of controlling information. When chatter from ISIS and al-Qaeda alert military intelligence of pending threats, the Joint Terrorism Task Force struggles to prevent lone-wolf terrorists from striking out on their own with the goal of wreaking havoc on our freedoms, our fears, and our way of life. Invasion 2020 is a gripping suspense novel that reveals an all-too-real threat to modern civilization and the hope that lies in those who have the courage of conviction to stand up for the truth.

“What if the troubling Muslim immigration issues Europe is currently facing come to America?” Harrington said. “Using edutainment, I wanted to tackle tough questions and reveal facts the media and the administration don’t. Islam isn’t just a religion, but a political ideology. That’s where the danger lies.”

Invasion 2020 is captivating,” said William J. Federer, bestselling author and nationally known speaker. “Dealing with real issues and crises, it gives an eye-opening look into a world foreign to most Americans. Its dynamic ending is absolutely amazing, revealing the only real answer to this threat.”

About the Author

Jeanne Harrington is Christian author who draws from her personal experiences with cults and religions to produce thoroughly-researched realistic fiction. A former educator and entrepreneur, Jeanne now works in the healthcare industry. She currently lives in Colorado and is working on a second novel and a new blog. Learn more about Jeanne Harrington and read her blog at

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