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The new Christian novel Invasion 2020 took several years to complete. The premise for the story came to me long before that; quietly, like a whisper. I felt led to write a story about a Muslim doctor, who’s guided to America, influenced by a dream and then he leaves Islam for the God of the Bible. Hmm, I thought, what was that? One more time, the words echoed, and I thought if that’s God, why me? I know, I know, I had the wrong attitude. A go-getter would think why not me? However, I was trying to determine if that quiet little whisper was misdirected and belonged in someone else’s cerebral inbox.

It made sense to write a book about the subject. I already had an interest in Islam that began after 9/11 and I had been researching the so-called religion of peace since then. I learned about Muslims leaving Islam for Christ via visions and dreams and looked into that as well. And, there was something about that quiet command that wouldn’t go away. I had self-published before and enjoyed writing. I had to act, I went back to a rough draft I had started and put aside for a while and knew it was time to finish it.

Invasion 2020 is much more than just Christian fiction, it’s about facts, a lot of them are woven into the characters dialogue and experiences. Read how the characters battle political correctness and the challenges they face to get the truth out. You’ll also see a contrast between Islam and Biblical Christianity and how the characters lives are changed from discovering the truth. Presently, some in the Christian community are looking to find similarities between the two religions, they call it Chrislam, and that’s not necessarily a positive thing.

In the novel, you’ll also discover facts about Islam you never hear about on the nightly news. There are details they won’t disclose and events that have been swept under the rug. I write about news stories that have been downplayed or those that went completely unnoticed by the mainstream media. I reveal agendas and plans to annihilate the West and change America forever. An invasion has been happening in Europe. The UK is morphing, as well as other countries into something very different than what they had been for centuries. It’s slowly happening to America as well, and we’re making the same mistakes they did. But, you’ll have to read the book to find out more about those agendas, and the men behind them.

Not familiar with the phenomenon of Muslims coming to Christ in the Middle East via visions and dreams? Read about them online here and here and see how they are led to Christ in this unique way. Watch this amazing video as a Muslim woman gives God a challenge before committing suicide.  See how lives have been changed, all because of a dream and the one who spoke to them, Jesus Christ!